Tier 2 VISA’s allow Skilled foreign nationals to work in the UK with the support of a licensed employer – this includes the NHS, Private Medical Facilities and Pharmaceutical companies. To apply the migrant will need

  • A job offer
  • A Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from their future employer.
  • Sufficient Prospective earnings – Typically gained through the Job offer.
  • English Language Skills  – Gained by the IELTS UKVI requirement for practising Dr’s.
  • Maintenance  – Gained by providing bank statements showing deposits of £900 per individual and a further £600 for each  dependant.

At the end of the initial VISA period candidates need to extend the term and this requires demonstration of the requirements as outlined at the initial application stage, with a continued offer of work and therefore of sponsorship from a suitable employer.


After a period of 5 years working in the UK candidates can apply for Indefinite leave to remain and ultimately a full British passport.

Leave to Remain applications do not have a points assessment in the way other applications under Tier 2 do. There are different requirements  which include a more detailed consideration of an applicant’s history; particularly whether they have any form of criminal record (this can include things such as driving offences).

Applicants also have to demonstrate more than just their English language ability and instead prove that they have detailed knowledge about life in the UK. This is achieved by passing a Life in the UK Test.

Applicants have to have had no more than 180 days absence from the UK in any of the 12 month periods since arriving in the UK – effectively it needs to be proven there has been continuous residence up until the date of application for indefinite leave to remain. Although absences for annual leave, holidays or short business trips can often be disregarded.

A successful application means the individual can remain in the UK indefinitely and restrictions around sponsorship and working are removed.