There are a wide variety of  opportunities for Dr’s within the UK who wish to progress up the career ladder, both in the NHS and Commercial businesses. Due to the span of options and the terminology used for different roles choosing the right path can be difficult and confusing.  With our broad experience of International Medical Graduates we are able to help you understand the options and choose the best pathway to meet your career goals.

The basic career steps within the NHS are as follows

Initial Training (Internship / Foundation training ) Even if a doctor has completed internship, it may be a good idea to broaden experience by working in 2- 3 different specialities. Initial training can take 1- 2 years.

Basic Training Basic training can be completed in training approved posts or training posts. This typically takes 3- 4 years. During this period doctors pass their membership exams and become members of the Royal College.

Higher Specialist Training  This can only be completed in training posts. ST3 – ST7. Higher Specialist Training takes 3-6 years and will depend on the speciality. During this time, doctor will complete fellowship exams.

Alternative to Higher Specialist Training Higher specialist training positions are competitive. There is however an alternative route to becoming a Consultant, known as CESR. This is a  process by which GMC assesses doctors competency and can grant specialist registration. Many overseas doctors have successfully become consultants through this route.


As stated above there are various other options available such as working as a specialist in hospital without going through the training programmes, careers in the pharmaceutical industry and roles within the private sector.