All Dr’s in the UK have to meet mandatory requirements to be able to keep practicing. Dr’s wishing to progress their careers quickly will also benefit from undertaking separate study/courses to enhance their chances in applying for promotion.Many Health Trusts offer time off and study assistance  to help Dr’s meet their contractual and non contractual obligations

Within the NHS Dr’s are expected to complete the following to demonstrate their continued ability to practice:

Doctors in training posts have a yearly review called ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression)

Doctors in training approved posts need to complete an appraisal. This is a process of structured evaluation of a doctors progress and makes a personal development plan for next year.

Revalidation takes place every 5 years . Revalidation is based on successful completion of yearly appraisal or ARCP and associated documentation.
There are a number of organisations that help Dr’s in meet their obligations and provide wider advice/guidance in a number of areas. These in include

The General medical Council  (GMC)

The British Medical Association  (BMA)

The Medical Defence Union  (MDU)

We assist Dr’s in planning to meet their on going obligations, help them understand the merits of the various organisations set up to assist Dr’s and help them make their CV stand out when applying for promotion.