Career Path for Doctor’s relocating to UK

Once a Candidate has a suitable job offer, they need to arrange the final few parts to the jigsaw before commencing work and at some point also consider the best way to make the most of their careers in the UK.

For candidates who needed a “sponsored” role to work in the UK, once they have a firm offer they will need to return to their home country to apply for a TIER 2 Work VISA. Once granted the candidate is able to return to the UK and remain usually for the duration of employment.

If switching jobs candidates need to be aware they need to ensure the new role will have a sponsorship attached. However after 5 years candidates can apply for indefinite leave to remain and/or a full British Passport, which once granted mean the sponsorship regulations no longer apply.

For candidates who already have authority to remain in the UK, the sponsorship regulations do not apply and they are able to start work as soon as possible.

Looking forward there are a range of on going considerations to make the most of the relocation and we at Inpatria are set up to help with these very issues/decisions including:

  • Career Progression
  • Ongoing Medical Compliance requirements
  • Personal Planning