The PLAB test is the main route by which International Medical Graduates (IMGs) demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practice medicine in the UK.

The examination is in two parts


Is a technical examination testing the knowledge of Candidates across a broad range of disciplines. Exams are held in the UK four times a year and at various centres around the world twice a year.

Details of the various test centres and dates can be found on the attached link

When applying for the PLAB 1 examination the GMC will check that Candidates are Medical Graduates and have acceptable competency in the English Language (such IELTS). NB Further and full checks are undertaken by the GMC when a Dr applies for Registration  after passing PLAB 2.

Due to the nature of PLAB 1, this is usually an exam Dr’s pass with self and/or group study under their own efforts. To assist with studies we provide our candidates with an online testing facility where they can assess how their studies are progressing and areas where attention is needed.


Is a practical examination testing Dr’s skills, abilities, patient care and knowledge and is only  available at the GMC Clinical Assessment Centre in Manchester, UK.  PLAB 2 can only be taken once PLAB 1 has been completed. See the PLAB 2 page for further information.