Career Path for Doctor’s relocating to UK

To be eligible to practice in the UK, an overseas Doctor needs to be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). Typically for Non EU Doctors registration with the GMC is gained by passing the PLAB examinations, showing proficiency in the English language and providing proof of career to date/experience. Full GMC registration can only be obtained once the above requirements have been achieved, in conjunction with relevant experience and examinations. Further information regarding requirements can be found at our GMC Registration Page.

For most Dr’s with 12+ months post graduate experience the initial requirements before coming to the UK will be:-

IELTS – English language proficiency exam
PLAB 1 – Classroom based exam on medical Knowledge

Doctors can enhance their chances of pursuing their favoured career by obtaining certain wider qualifications and experience. These achievements greatly improve the chances of landing the best first job. We therefore ask candidates to send through their CV’s as soon as practical after deciding they wish to consider moving to the UK. This allows us to assess the candidates chances of success, identify outstanding requirements in obtaining GMC registration and suggest areas of further study/exams/CV preparation that will assist in obtaining that all important first role.

If required we can also explore opportunities for our candidates to give them an idea of suitable roles that may be available (and in certain circumstances we may also be able to obtain an “in principle” job offer (subject to passing the necessary entry requirements).