Course Dates – 2017

11 Day Course05 – 1526 – 0516 – 2609 – 1930 – 09 20 – 3011 – 21

Exam Dates – 2017

PLAB 1 exams:

Test date: 16th March 2017

Closing date (overseas): 16th February; Closing date (UK): 9th March

Test date: 27th June 2017

Closing date (overseas): no exam; Closing date (UK): 20th June

Test date: 6th September 2017

Closing date (overseas): no exam; Closing date (UK): 30th August

Test date: 2nd November 2017

Closing date (overseas): 5th October; Closing date (UK): 26th October

PLAB 2 exams:

Test date (Manchester): 21st/22nd/23rd February   Closing date: 26th January

Test date (Manchester): 1st/2nd March                        Closing date: 2nd February

Test date (Manchester): 21st/22nd/23rd March         Closing date: 23rd February

Test date (Manchester): 5th/6th April                           Closing date: 9th March

Test date (Manchester): 11th/12th/13th April             Closing date: 16th March

Test date (Manchester): 24th/25th/26th April            Closing date: 30th March

Test date (Manchester): 3rd/4th May                            Closing date: 6th April

Test date (Manchester): 9th/10th/11th May                Closing date: 13th April

Test date (Manchester): 23rd/24th May                        Closing date: 27th April

Test date (Manchester): 6th/7th/8th June                   Closing date: 11th May

Further exams are expected in July, September, October, November and December dates yet to be announced.