Interview is the formal process of assessing if candidate is suitable for appointment.

An Interview panel usually asks questions related to Audit, career plan, past experience and teaching skills. They may also ask questions to assess clinical competency.

Bering invited to interview means with your Education, Experience and Achievements you are likely to be a strong enough candidate to fill the role. However you are still in competition with the other Interviewee’s and preparation can make the difference in landing the prime job.

There are a number of ways candidates can improve their chances of success these include

  • Preparation and Research
  • Enthusiasm
  • Listening and Questioning
  • Ensuring the question asked is fully answered
  • Giving Specific examples

Practice and technique can also help candidates, with utilisation of the STAR approach helping show examples of good practice in the best light. We help our candidates understand the UK interview process and what to expect at the meeting, giving them the best chance of understanding what interviewers are looking for and responding appropriately.