Getting registered with the GMC

To obtain registration with a license to practice with the General Medical Council (GMC) you need to provide evidence of all of the following:

  • Acceptable primary medical qualifications
  • English language capability
  • Registration and licensing history
  • Certificates of good standing
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Experience

Acceptable primary medical qualifications

The primary medical qualification must be acceptable to the GMC for the purpose of registration with a license to practice. An acceptable overseas qualification meets all the criteria approved by our General Council. A qualification which does not meet all of the criteria cannot be accepted. The criteria are set out below:

It must be a primary medical qualification in allopathic medicine that has been:

  1. Awarded by an institution listed on the Avicenna Directory for Medicine or on the International Medical Education Directory (IMED)


  1. Is  otherwise acceptable to the GMC,


  1. Is currently acceptable to the GMC


English language

Demonstrated by achieving an average score of 7.5, with a minimum score of 7.0 in all areas of the test (speaking, reading, writing and listening). IELTS scores must be less than two years old.

Please note for your TIER 2 Visa it is the IELTS Academic UKVI version of the exam that must be held.


Registration and Licensing history

You will have to provide details of your registration or licensing for all the medical regulatory authorities of any countries where you have practiced or held registration or a license in the last five years. This includes details of medical regulatory authorities that you have been registered or licensed with but not practiced under their jurisdiction.


Certificates of Good Standing

You will need to provide a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) from each of the medical regulatory authorities that you have listed. In cases where you are no longer registered or licensed, this may be known as a certificate of past good standing.


Knowledge and skills

The vast majority of Dr’s enter the UK by obtaining a pass in the PLAB test parts 1 and 2.

There are a couple of alternative routes to demonstrate adequate Knowledge and Skills, these include, an acceptable postgraduate qualification (PGQ), Sponsorship by an approved sponsor or eligibility for entry onto the Specialist Register or the GP Register. However these cases are very rare, we can provide more guidance if necessary.



If you are applying for full registration with a license to practice you will need to prove that you have gained the experience necessary to practice as a fully registered medical practitioner in the UK.

To apply for full registration with a license to practice you must have satisfactorily completed Year 1 of the Foundation program (F1) in the UK, or a period of pre-graduate or postgraduate clinical experience outside the EEA. This period of clinical experience is usually referred to as an internship. You will need to provide details of your pre-graduate or postgraduate internship.

To be acceptable your internship must be either:

  • a 12 month program that includes a minimum of three months in surgery and three months in medicine
  • a program of at least ten months that includes a minimum of three months in surgery and three months in medicine which also includes an additional period of study of up to two months in order to prepare for an exit exam, together with successful completion of all exit examinations
  • the equivalent of two years full time post qualification experience at a publicly funded hospital in at least two branches of medicine and/or surgery.