The opportunities within the UK are wide and varied for medical practitioners. All Dr’s need for the first year to work in what is known as an Approved Practice setting (APS) to show that they can operate in a professional and safe manner

Most Dr’s start their career in the NHS however an increasing number go directly into Private Practice. Longer term Career progression is achievable in both Private and Public settings with other opportunities arising in other industries, particularly the Pharmaceutical industry.

Getting the right role at the outset of employment is one of the key factors in progressing on the career ladder quickly. A broad sub set of experience is usually preferable to a Dr who has only worked in one particular area. A Dr therefore needs to consider future career aspirations carefully and understand progression does not necessarily mean specialisation particularly in the early years.

We work closely with our candidates to help them understand the career opportunities and how best to  progress in their chosen field, providing once to one advice on the best route to meet their objectives.