To visit the UK a Business Visitor VISA is required, which allows the candidate up to 6 months in the UK.

Ideally candidates will plan their VISA dates to allow enough study time in the UK prior to taking the exam, avoiding the need to revisit the UK on multiple occasions. There are three important areas to include in your VISA application. Failure to meet all these three requirements may result in VISA refusal

  •  Purpose of travel: You need to mention main purpose of travel to UK in the application form. This purpose must be an allowed activity  under PLAB VISA.
  • Funds to support your stay: You need to show documented evidence (Bank Statements) of your ability to fund your stay. The Border Agency would typically like to see a regular income of at least £500 /month and a balance of about £4,000.00.
  •  Intention of leaving the country after the completing the purpose of visit: You should mention the date of departure after the exam results. You need to show some ties in your country as reasons for your return. You can provide evidence to support your ties in your country like family ties, property, job or business.

VISA’s can be obtained through the UK border agency further information is on the attached link.

We are pleased to assist candidates where possible and have access to specialist VISA Lawyers if further assistance is required.