Career Path for Doctor’s relocating to UK

Having obtained both IELTS and PLAB 1, Candidates need to visit the UK to undertake the PLAB 2 examination held in Manchester.

Once the exam has been booked candidates need to obtain a Business Visitor VISA, register for the most appropriate PLAB 2 course and of course arrange flights to the UK.

On arrival in the UK we will assist with transport to the Training centre and ensure candidates are settled in their accommodation ready for the course.

Courses are run through the year and accommodation is available both before and after the exam. This allows candidates to continue studying with their Peers right up to the examination and progress with their career options afterwards. On the day of the exam we arrange for transportation to the GMC centre in Manchester, relieving the need to find a building in an unfamiliar city.

Whilst most time on the course prior to the exam is spent studying, we also provide advice and guidance on career options, CV’s and interview techniques before and after the exam – giving candidates the best chance of obtaining the most suitable role as quickly as possible.

Once results from the PLAB 2 exam are issued (usually within 2 weeks of exam date) successful candidates can then obtain their full GMC registration.

Many Dr’s will need to obtain a “sponsored role” in the UK as this supports the application for the necessary TIER 2 VISA – which allows individuals from outside the EU to work in the UK. There are many Doctor positions available with the sponsorship status both in the NHS and Private Practice due to the demand for suitably qualified Dr’s. Typically our candidates do not have a problem finding a suitable role once they have obtained their GMC registration.