Since 2005 our sister company PLAB RIGHT LTD has been training Dr’s, who chose the UK as their destination, to pass their Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board Examination (PLAB). We are proud to have helped in excess of 2,500 Doctors progress to roles within the UK healthcare system.

PLAB RIGHT was formed and is supported by a number of Medical Practitioners who themselves moved to the UK to further their careers. This gives a unique insight into the issues, complexities and opportunities arising from relocation.

Inpatria was formed as a natural progression from providing PLAB training, in order to help address the many and varied questions and issues faced by students. It aims to help potential students from the time they decide they might wish to work overseas through to finding the right opportunity, settling into the UK and beyond.

How can we help?

Having worked with international Dr’s over a number of years, we have experience of the many and varied issues that can arise. Our expertise spans a wide range of areas complimentary to the needs of Dr’s moving to the UK. We also have strong links to professional partners who specialise in particular disciplines such as Law, VISA’s, Accountancy and Recruitment.

Pulling all the knowledge together means we can provide a “timeline” of the actions and considerations each candidate will need to go through on the relocation journey and after. Understanding what needs to be done, by whom and when greatly improves the speed efficiency and potentially costs involved with the move.

Once a Dr decides they wish to start the journey we can provide specific support and advice relevant to their specific needs either “in house” or via our professional partners.