Our objective is to assist international doctors before, during and after relocation to the UK. Helping you identify, understand and address the complexities created by the move and giving access to the wide range of opportunities the UK offers.

Helping International Doctor’s relocate and thrive in the UK

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For international medical graduates there are three key stages to making the transition to work in the UK.  Inpatria specialises in guiding doctors through these stages: Initial Steps, Obtaining Requirements in the UK and Moving to the UK and Career Progression.

1. Initial Steps

To be eligible to practice in the UK, an overseas Doctor needs to be registered with the General Medical Council.

2. Obtaining requirements in the UK

Having passed the initial stages candidates then need to visit the UK to undertake the PLAB 2 examination (for further information click here).


Once you have taken the decision to relocate the enormity and complexity of the task will often hit home. Moving house and changing job at the same time is daunting enough, add in International aspects to the equation and suddenly the “lifestyle” choice can seem like an enormous mountain to climb.

To help you climb that mountain, Inpatria was created. Focusing on Dr’s moving to the UK, we provide a range of advice and services aimed at making the move as stress free, quick and successful as possible.

Of course relocation is only the start of the journey; once you have arrived we continue to provide support in a variety of areas, ensuring you can focus on your career and the lifestyle you desire.